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  • Why diversification now?

    Meike Bliebenicht, Multi-Asset Senior Product Specialist, tells us about why diversification matters now.
    26 February 2019, 3 minutes
  • Chinese equity market outlook

    In this video, Mandy Chan, Head of Chinese and Hong Kong Equities, discusses the market outlook for Chinese equities and the positive catalysts for the market in 2019.
    20 February 2019, 4 minutes
  • Chinese fixed income outlook

    In this video, Gregory Suen, Investment Director of Fixed Income, discusses the market outlook for Chinese bonds in 2019.
    20 February 2019, 3 minutes
  • Asian Market Outlook 2019

    We believe Asia is in a better place than it was 10 years ago. Policy should continue to be pragmatic, countering any impact of trade tensions. With growth a much more domestic story today, we have a positive backdrop for both equity and fixed income markets in 2019.
    03 December 2018, 4 minutes
  • Adding value through ESG

    Asia is increasingly becoming more committed to leadership in ESG, with the region home to plenty of companies with strong ESG models.
    15 October 2018, 4 minutes
  • Responsible Investing

    A careful consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues plays a key and integral part in how we connect the developed and developing worlds to unlock sustainable investment opportunities for our clients. Watch this video to learn why we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously and focus on leading by example.
    19 September 2018, 2 minutes
  • HSBC Passive Fixed Income - Intelligent Indexation

    Sebastien Faucher, Head of Passive Fixed Income, discusses how HSBC has developed a solution called intelligent indexation, as a response to how investors continue to seek cost-efficient solutions.
    10 August 2018, 4 minutes